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Well it seems that the reactor, or whatever you used to the hair and the clothes. Is cracking sometimes, and the character animations are a littlebit poor at the beggining ( nothing serious ) However i couldnt make something like this. And it's nice after all. And that semi 2d/3d is very awesome. So keep up :)

Kel-chan responds:

yeah the physics gets a bit tricky at times- its not the best physics engine and causes clipping sometimes especially if theres alot of movement

The shades blew up everything making it look a littlebit buzzing. More but, not so intense lights i suggest. May i ask what program did you used for this ?

Insane3D responds:

Poser, 3dsmax, vray

Nicely done 3d with a story that has never been done before. Awesome :D

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Special thanks to me :D Awesome

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Very nice :o

VGSongbird responds:

^_^ Thanks

My ears just exploded. Probably the best song i've heard on newgrounds nice one. Virtual high five :3

Alloud responds:

Glad you liked it. :3

Nice one Mr :)

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I'm absolutely loving this!!! Tanks for uploading tho. <3

Nicely done. Maybe the Depth of field is a littlebit cracked. Good job !

Nice going but if you didnt used V-ray for this then i suppose you should it could make stuff look better. If you did used v-ray then maybe the materials. Anyways. Good work!

titomungy responds:

Thanks, no didnt use V-ray. Just Blender Cycles and the mist and dust was done in photoshop. I could have textured everything but it took a long time to make and i wanted to move on to other projects. Im just learning 3D so this was just my first go at it.

Dont know much about V-ray, Pixar releasesd thier render engine; Renderman. I have that but this is all a bit advanced for me.

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