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Hey there folks.

Afer getting a head injury you might noticed the fact that we dissapeared. You were right. I'm kinda buisy working hard n stuff to earn some actual money and not doing freebies to anyone. So if you wonder if i'm gonna work for you for free, of course my answer is no. And if you plan to hire me. Well my answer is still no. Sorry folks.


Keep being awesome.

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100 (one hundred) (Roman numeral C, reinforced by Latin centum) is the natural number following 99 and preceding 101.

Secret #5 5 Points

A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area.

Secret #25 5 Points

The incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current through it, until it glows.

Secret #45 5 Points

A clock is an instrument used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time.

Secret #30 5 Points

An arrow is a graphical symbol such as → or ←, used to point or indicate direction, being in its simplest form a line segment with a triangle affixed to one end, and in more complex forms a representation of an actual arrow (e.g. ➵ U+27B5).

Secret #43 5 Points

iPod is a line of portable media players created and marketed by Apple Inc..

Secret #38 5 Points

Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. It is based upon the syntactic combination of lexicals and names that are drawn from very large (usually to about 10,000 different gagolizim words) vocabularies.

Secret #49 5 Points

A waste container is a container for temporarily storing refuse and waste.

Secret #35 5 Points

Shopping bags are medium sized bags, typically around 10-20 litres (2.5 to 5 gallons) in volume (though much larger versions exist, especially for non-grocery shopping), that are often used by grocery shoppers to carry home their purchases.

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